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Welcome back, and best wishes for a stimulating and rewarding 2014!

WELCOME! Please note that availability on this scheduler changes daily, sometimes hourly. If you can't find an appointment when you want one, come back later that day or night; something may have opened up.

If you are new to this scheduler, follow the link on the left to register. Grad students, please see note at the bottom of this page.

You may schedule up to 60 minutes of tutoring in one day and no more than 90 minutes in one week (Monday to Sunday). As always, we STRONGLY encourage you to see the tutor in your college and to work with that one person throughout your time at Yale. You WILL become a better writer.

Please know that shopping the same paper to several tutors is an overuse of a precious resource. Please limit yourself to one tutor per paper.

Have a great term! (For answers to your questions, check out our FAQ).